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Official Shanghai F1 Tickets: Best Seats / Best Views

The Chinese Grand Prix 2016 is coming on April the 17th, so get prepared by getting your tickets now. Read here about the best F1 seats for the best views at the Shanghai F1.   Advertisements

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Shanghai Airport Pick Up

When you arrive to Shanghai, it’s great to use an English-speaking Shanghai airport collection. The alternative options are: Over-priced hotel collections with a non-English speaking driver The dread taxi, a filthy, stinky crash-box Drivers that will arrive late, drive dangerously or the wrong way To be collected in style, on time and driven safely to […]

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Quote of the day

Quote of the decade on this website, because we don’t do quotes. But here’s a rather prescient one from Oscar Wilde: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” Deep.

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Copywriting \ Web \ Design \ Animation in Shanghai

Creative Words and Magic is the new website of a team of creative freelancers who have worked in Shanghai for over 10 years, providing a wide range of services to all types of clientele. Handling all size of job and with clients from very small operations to large corporations, they can provide excellent quality and […]

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Networking: Meet lots of people who do not have a network

Networking. Sounds reasonable — is rubbish. Collecting business cards is yet to be proven as a successful means of improving ones professional or personal life. Networking in Shanghai may be even more useless than elsewhere, because: There are many hopers, dreamers and blaggers who want to basically use you (or someone else) for their own means, […]

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Decreasing expat salaries

It’s been clear for a couple of years now that expat salaries are decreasing. Around 2005/2007, the average for a ‘normal’ or not high-skilled job was something like 18,000 RMB, even up to 25,000 RMB. From 2011 to now, the same jobs seem to be offering 9,000 RMB to 15,000 RMB. I’m not talking about […]

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Cultural musings: Traffic light VIP

I have no voice in this city and I deserve no ‘opinion’ – I am but a mangy laowai who is (in theory) just passing through. So take any such opinion with a pinch of salt (I was going to say ‘with a pinch of MSG’ but … come on) and just ignore it. Nonetheless, […]

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