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Pleasure your budget and your senses by using a freelancer

Finding a Shanghai copywriter is the best way to improve your project. It is interesting how many design, branding or marketing companies will chunter on about how they are kooky vanguards of smirking hipsters, so quirky that they surprise themselves, so 2.0 that they are actually 3.0, and that if you want to work with […]

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Shanghai copywriter

Copywriting \ Web \ Design \ Animation in Shanghai

Creative Words and Magic is the new website of a team of creative freelancers who have worked in Shanghai for over 10 years, providing a wide range of services to all types of clientele. Handling all size of job and with clients from very small operations to large corporations, they can provide excellent quality and […]

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Decreasing expat salaries

It’s been clear for a couple of years now that expat salaries are decreasing. Around 2005/2007, the average for a ‘normal’ or not high-skilled job was something like 18,000 RMB, even up to 25,000 RMB. From 2011 to now, the same jobs seem to be offering 9,000 RMB to 15,000 RMB. I’m not talking about […]

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A smarter way to transfer money

Most people are still unaware of the range of money transfer solutions available. When sending money internationally, it’s unwise to just use your bank. When making any other serious purchase, you shop around, don’t you? So why just accept the exchange rate – and transfer fee – that your bank offers? Exchange rates offered by […]

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