How many WeChat mistakes have you noticed?

A WeChat photo might only tell 5% of the real story, but if you learn to look a little harder, you can see where the real fakes are, and the false reality is …

All The Single Ladies

dumb people face

Be single, be dating, be married, whatever. But probably don’t be single and keep telling everyone HOW GREAT IT IS TO BE SINGLE! I LOVE BEING SINGLE! I AM SINGLE!

“I am single but unavailable”, “No one can control me”, and such comments belie a desperate need for validation.

And if you love being single, why does this seem to coincide with the need to post ‘cute’ selfies on a daily basis?

Heal The World

Expat mood swings

Some people moan about everything. They say fast food places are ‘evil’ for making people fat, soft drink companies too. They like to say oil is ‘evil’, rich people are ‘evil’.

But they say this while using an electronic device that didn’t offer great working conditions to the people who met it.
They post about how terrible the environment is doing, while sitting in the back of their taxi.

All By Myself


Yoga photos are a ‘thing’. Is it possible for some people to do Yoga and NOT take a photo? Well, we don’t actually know if they are doing yoga.

In the photo, they are sitting on a mat, looking in a mirror, in an empty room.
Did they continue a 90 minute yoga session, or just sit around taking photos of themselves and listening to this year’s pop music? Who knows.

The Eyes Have It

funny girl simple minds

You know when you see those photos of ladies on a night out together, all lined up?

The comment is something along the lines of “out with my girls, we’re the best friends having the best night EVER!”.
Then you look in a little.
And you see that there’s a lot of undertones in that photo, the smiles are a little strained, and there’s always a couple of the ladies thinking “I hate that bitch on the left”.

Happy Families


The same goes with family photos.

Have you noticed that every single person with a husband/wife/kids in Shanghai has just the ‘perfect’ family? Every weekend is a ‘perfect’ photo opportunity spent with the baby.
We’d love to believe that, marriage solve all problems and makes all people happy. Right?!

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