Pleasure your budget and your senses by using a freelancer

Finding a Shanghai copywriter is the best way to improve your project.

It is interesting how many design, branding or marketing companies will chunter on about how they are kooky vanguards of smirking hipsters, so quirky that they surprise themselves, so 2.0 that they are actually 3.0, and that if you want to work with them, you must have both a funny name and a silly haircut, or vice-versa. Yet all the while, the business practices of the company remain old-fashioned, ‘traditional’ and wasteful.

This is because the reality is that the Manager (who won’t be called a ‘Manager’, but rather ‘Creative Director of Joy’ or ‘Brand Connectivity Ambassador’) will pleasure his or her ego and materialistic inner-child.

They had seen other small companies having swanky offices packed full of floor-to-ceiling glass and unused Apple desktops. They had sat in over-priced desk-chairs and seen motivational phrases and meaningless quotations painted on the brightly-coloured walls. They had seen a Nespresso machine in an office and thought yes – yes, that is what I want in my life.

Thus, instead of looking at the true value of the decisions made and the basic and boring numbers on the profit/loss sheet, he or she had played real life ‘The Sims’ with their company budget.

It is unwise to waste money on things you will use only inefficiently, be they unused white computers or unnecessary humans of any colour.

There are smarter ways to use your budget, and have more left over for the things that will really help your company progress.

Eschewing wasteful office space and the administrative accoutrements of permanent staff, and instead working with reliable and talented freelancers is one intelligent way.

Offering project-based work to people who can complete it well within deadline and budget, makes sense.

Finding an outside angle, a motivated and driven self-starter, a new and proven creative person to elevate the quality of your productions is the way forward.

Contact Creative Words and Magic now for Shanghai-based copywriters & editors, web designers, animators and much, much more.



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