Some buildings in Shanghai

‘Some’ – such an inoffensive word – and therein lies the reason for its usage. Naming this tale ‘ugly buildings’ or ‘vile buildings’ risks raising the petty and childish rage of those unable to accept opinion. Not that the laughably moneyed owners of buildings tend to read either this Shanghai expat website, or any website or written material whatsoever, aside maybe the 83 page menus of their famous banqueting hotspot.

You’ve correctly guessed by now that we are to take a look at just one of the many, many empty and dis-spiriting buildings which pepper the city, standing high and escaping rightful demolition.

No matter the hurt they cause to the eyes of the soul, some buildings have either been built too recently or in too fiddly a location to be either renovated or removed.

One such example is the building by Jiashan and Fuxing roads. Called the Ming Yuan Art Super Building Art Building (or something), it first alludes to its own visual offensiveness with that very local of construction luxuries: superfluous pillars.

‘Pillars!’, the architect must have screamed, ‘pillars!!!’

Whether we blame the architect himself, or the MSG-loaded, nutrition-free luncheon that must have fueled the design portion of his brain; is irrelevant.

What we do know is that there must have been some line of thought – some human consciousness – which linked the usage of pillars in Roman times to the absolute necessity of the very same edifice supports 2000 years later. If only various (let’s say … 10), crucial values of inter-personal behaviour learned around that time could have been transported Eastwards also. Ah well.

Enough twaddle, now for some photos.

ugly building shanghai (3)

The usual Bund glamour photo, no. Harsh reality, yes.

ugly building shanghai (1)

‘Shanghai is a dynamic Asian city!’, they say. ‘City centre buildings empty’, they omit.

ugly building shanghai (2)

Lobby. ‘Minimalist’ design. No wait: ‘redefining minimalist design’, that works.

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