Top news for cook-at-home expats: City Super on Huaihai Rd.

You may know that the shopping mall re-opened at Times Square on Huaihai Road. This is because they had a ‘Lane Crawford re-opening party’, so many – many – people thought that this would just be the kind of irregular, non-representative ‘party’ occasion that they would choose to photograph themselves at and them upload to their social media profiles. You know, “look at me, I’m urban, I went to some form of party thing” type of guff.

Well, that’s all very well, but the real reason to be happy is for the pleasure of the elite level of supermarket possibilities that City Super provides.

The best supermarket in Shanghai, they provide what nowhere else does. Edible meats and fish. Cleanliness. Staff who will serve you with a level of product and service knowledge. Of course some of the products are over-priced, but things like the meat and fish are fairly priced for what you are buying.

City Super Huaihai Shanghai (1)


Ben & Jerry’s has arrived in Shanghai! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. One can only assume that after a decade of negotiations, this was a top-down decision as either Ben or Jerry met with Chairman Whoever-is-pretending to-lead-this country-right-now and the flavoursome deal was secured.


City Super Huaihai Shanghai (2)


These are at least 12 inches long. At least! You’d pay about 180 RMB for one in any restaurant, and you don’t need Chef-level expertise to cook them. White wine, garlic, butter, herbs: these are your friends in the path to seafood heaven.



City Super Huaihai Shanghai (3)

It says ‘goat’, but you can think ‘lamb’. Slow-roasted gooey-ness and the scintillating choice of ‘Cumin Curry’ or ‘Rosemary-Wine Herbs’ await. Direct from Chongming Island (I’ve been there), 700 grams of meat will punctuate your week with a memorable dish.

Thank you, City Super.


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