Best Hot Chocolate drink in Shanghai for 10 RMB a cup

The French: useless at War — excellent at chocolate.

Finding a quality hot chocolate in Shanghai is not difficult: you go to HoF on either Sinan road (if you can get a seat) or in Lujiazui (if it is open).

However, you do have to pay something in the arena of 40 RMB.

Starbucks hot chocolate is very enjoyable, but is also around 33 RMB and contains many a super-sweet syrup-y goo. It’s nice, but it doesn’t give you that strong chocolate, cocoa hit.

So following the at-home machinations of a quality green tea matcha latte, the best way is to make it yourself.

International supermarkets in Shanghai had, until recently, only stocked Cadbury’s and German powders, which are fine. Until now.

Monbana Tresor Special Oncteuex Super Thick Delicious chocolate powder creates a special 15 or 20 minutes in your life, in which enjoyment of a correctly indulgent hot chocolate is all that needs to concern you.

We bought ours in the Portman City Shop, and with a new world of cocoa experience, have never looked back.

monbana-tresor-de-chocolat Shanghai


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