Cafe Kakao: Korean, supposedly

HoF is a cafe, restaurant kind of place, which does outstandingly good Hot Chocolate, and good quality salads and things. Their Lujiazui branch at the DBS courtyard is sometimes closed, and their Huaihai road location is so small that it becomes full — full of people who can spend hours and hours there, nursing their one drink and talking to their companion about issues such as not having a boyfriend, and that they don’t really want a boyfriend anyway, and how lots of men try to be their boyfriend, but they don’t quite meet the Gold Standard required.

This entry, however, is about Cafe Kakao, which is slightly further up Sinan road.

This is because HoF was full, as I JUST mentioned above.

In fact it was not full, to be honest.

We went for a table but were told – in snooty, surly fashion by the ‘service staff’ – that this table was reserved. No other seat was recommended, and feeling that annoying feeling of being about to spend money in a place, but being made to feel as though somehow they have ‘done you a favour’ by letting you in the door: we left.

Thus, Korean eatery Cafe Kakao was tried. They had seats, allowed us to sit down without query, so it was already a good start.

The music was Korean, and therefore obviously awful. The decoration was quirky and the clientele mainly old Shanghainese ladies pretending to be Korean, and young Shanghainese (and other provinces) ladies pretending to be Korean.

The burger was a good deal at 48 RMB. It was large and kitsch, with good accompaniments. The waffle was standard, and the chocolate drink disappointing.

Cafe Kakao is still worth mentioning though, both for those interested in esoteric burgers and also those inclined to find somewhere unique for a first date. Is this the best place for a first date in Shanghai?

It does offer important features: it presents an immediate talking point and is a break from the ubiquitous.

You will be able to immediately discover key traits of your date, such as their views on Korean pop music videos, and the ice cream waffle is a suitable token of food, which you can both pick at, thus also allowing observance of your dates sharing and eating habits.

I’m so helpful.

ice cream waffle Shanghai blog

The waffle

Korean burger Shanghai

The burger

Korean food Shanghai

When you order, they give you a mini-TV with some show about a spoon-faced woman

terrible no class dress sense hot woman Shanghai

And this, friends, would be your standard HoF customer, queueing for the chance to sit and nurse a soft drink, whilst wearing the cushion cover of a particularly macabre sofa.

And you’re wrong because she doesn’t even want a boyfriend anyway so there.


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