Touch Mall, South Xujiahui

The financial cleansing of the South riverside area was certainly a boon for property developers, as precious new square-footage was made available for very tall apartment buildings that you or I cannot afford.


Quite where all of this RMB comes from is not our interest. What we do all have in common is the need to consume foodstuffs — you know, for passage through our alimentary system, breaking it down into molecules for transference into energy — that sort of thing.


With a hankering to swallow and a plan to digest, we headed to the relatively new ‘Touch’ Mall, which is on South Dongan road. A dull and personality-less mall, it contains three obvious stars: Wagas (reliable), Tsui Wah (may as well) and Fani-burger (comical).


Aside these standard eateries, there are lots of shops in Touch Mall.


‘What shops?’ you rudely interrupt: well, there is a Uniqlo, because there is a Uniqlo everywhere.

In fact if this were a quirk-attempting and desperately-trying-to-be-cool-but-just-being-normal Shanghai website, I’d say: “they’ve even opened a Uniqlo inside our apartment


Let’s move on.


Aside the Uniqlo, which, as a chain, has now been bettered in t-shirt quality by H&M anyway, there are strangely named shops such as ‘pargay’, ‘yigue’, and ‘American Tourister’.


To conclude, the empty Wagas and snicker-provoking Fani-burger are saving graces in an otherwise dull place, which is a monument to not only excess, but excess which is lacking in any quality or verve.

That’s it really. Did you expect a meaningful or happy ending? Well, there are plenty of reasonably  flat surfaces on which the local children may scooter around. Also, you have a new word to drop into daily use: ‘fani-tastic’

Touch Mall Shanghai 1 Touch Mall Shanghai 2 Touch Mall Shanghai 3 Touch Mall Shanghai 4


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