PPAR Adoptable cat for October 2013

PPAR Adoptable Cat of October 2013: Little Mimi!


Name: Little Mimi

Gender: Female
Age: 5 months old
Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated.

PPAR Adoptable Little Mimi 1 OCT 2013 PPAR Adoptable Little Mimi 2 OCT 2013

Her story:

Little Mimi is a black and white kitten with golden eyes. She is lovely and very affectionate with people … purrrre love you could say!

Her rescuer found her in a compound, where Mimi played with the rescuer and followed her (she seemed very happy to stay with her new friend!). The rescuer then decided to rescue Mimi and find a good home for her. Mimi is now living at the PPAR Shelter, and waiting for her warm and permanent loving home.

Mimi is a healthy and cute kitten. She likes cuddling, gets along well with cats and is friendly to children.


If you are seriously interested in adopting Little Mimi and give her a forever loving home, please contact Sophia Lin at: yelin28@hotmail.com


You are also absolutely welcome to visit the PPAR Shelter, every weekend, to meet more adoptable cats and kittens (Saturdays and Sundays, from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm). Our address is: PPAR Shelter, Lane 555, Jinping Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. Contact phone: 021-5480-1699 (上海闵行区金平路555弄合生城邦一街坊,联系电话: 021-5480-1699).


Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit animal rescue group founded in 2007 by several individual animal rescuers. Their main objective is to find loving homes for homeless cats. Go to: http://www.lostlaowai.com/blog/general/in-shanghai-like-cats-these-folks-need-your-help/ to learn more.


爪园是一个由救助者和志愿者组成的流浪动物救援团队,于2007年建立。爪园的使命是为城市流浪动物提供救助、庇护、照顾和为他们寻找合适的领养家庭,宣传人道观念和科学养宠的知识,促进社会对动物福利的认识和关注。有关爪园的更多信息,请见 http://bbs.movshow.com/forum-204-1.html


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