Johnny Moo burger, Shanghai (Honqiao / Gubei)

There is a new-looking Japanese mall by Gubei road Manao road, in Gubei. Gubei is kind of Hongqiao and Hongqiao is kind of Gubei.

I’m not quite sure where one begins and the other finishes, but I do believe in the boundary-definity of Changning district. It’s there.

Gubei is a strange place. A city within a city. Within a district.

Stroll along the super-rich residential areas and see bars called “Red Wine Bar”, other bars called “Beer Bar”, and a sandwich cafe called “New York Sandwich Cafe”.

It’s all wondrously Truman Show, and the voices you overhear are lovely Japanesey-housewife curls of permanent splendour and soothing delight.

Within this bizarre nest of quirk and questionable reality, sits the Takashimaya Mall. Everyone inside this mall has considerably more money than you or I.

This mall also houses Johnny Moo.

Johnny Moo offers a personality much akin to it’s environment: one of some kitsch and little sense — yet it works.

The burger there was not particularly exciting itself, but something combined in the fresian ethos of Johnny Moo and delivered a most pleasant burgering experience.

The service was better and more attentive than the faux-posh faux-Bund restaurants.

The ambience of the little fast-food dispensary was quaint and personal.

The decision was mine as to exactly how much ketchup — and mustard — should be added to the burger, and what’s more; the unspoken suggestion of other, more exotic condiments was ever hanging in the air, like a hint that a kind of ethnic and available mistress is always close to asking a mutual friend for your phone number.

At least that’s what the top of the bottle of ‘garlic chilli’ sauce said to me, as it peered provocatively at me over the tip of the counter.

They also offer pulled-pork, chilli-cheese things, and milkshakes.

These shall be sampled and the results reported back, post haste.

johnny moo shanghai burger hongqiao gubei

johnny moo shanghai chicken wings hongqiao gubei

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