Good advertising in China: Budweiser

This Shanghai Expat website blog thing talks about advertising in China a bit.

This is because most of it is just awful, dull, repetitive and bad advertising, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Advertising is interesting because it allows both manipulation of the human mind and a chance to do something new and interesting. This is why bad advertising is always disappointing, and perhaps moreso in a society / culture in which people absolutely accept everything they are told by mainstream media.

But in this case, this is in praise of an excellent advert – the recent Budweiser in China ad.

I don’t ‘like’ this advert — but I am not the target customer. I am not wowed by the idea that I can ‘buy in to’ a lifestyle by purchasing a product, and I don’t drink Budweiser.

However, this advert is excellent as an advert, because it is simple but very obvious and direct – it directly appeals to the masses out there that need to be told which product (in this case, which drink) matches their desired lifestyle and class of human in which they desire to belong.

I don’t know who or what group or company created this advert, but I think they have it spot on, and couldn’t have made it better to match Budweiser’s target and branding in China.

budweiser advertising in china

You may think that drinking a weak and low-cost beer with a seemingly fancy meal is a ridiculous idea … but you are not the target market. If you do not know what is en vogue, this advert is telling you what the hip, ‘urban’ people are drinking – and they are drinking Budweiser.



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