When to use whom and who

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There are many parts of English which even native speakers do not know. One example of this is when to use who and when to use whom. Just 5 minutes of reading will finally solve this problem for you!

The best online descriptions that I have found are via Dummies and WikiHow.

Example 2 and 3 in WikiHow are probably the simplest to look at. It tells you to simply look at what is the main link to the verb in any sentence.

If the ‘who’ is the main part of the verb, then we can use ‘who’.

‘Who went?’

‘Who saw?’

But if it is a pronoun: I, he, she, it etc., attached to the verb, then we can use ‘whom’:

‘To whom did she give it?’

‘I don’t care whom you ask’

If you read those links above, you will also quickly understand one other important part of…

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