‘Nice little’ Italian style restaurant in Hongqiao: The Bellagio

If you are looking for a ‘business lunch’, a casual bite or a quiet time with some good-value food, drink and internet (that’s wi-fi if you are still hooked on late 90s wordage), then go to the 3rd floor of the Maxdo Plaza, which is on Xianxia road in the heart of Hongqiao.

I chanced across The Bellagio because I was looking for a clean toilet in which to crap.

I knew that Wagas was in this very same building, so had headed here for some safe pasta or such.

Yet on my adventure up to the 3rd floor services, I saw The Bellagio (this is a small Italian type place, not the Taiwanese chain … yes they could have chosen a different name). They offer a small salad, small soup and a very decent 9 inch pizza for 58 RMB (add 15 RMB for a fresh juice). Others are a steak set for 88 RMB and the like.

The service is just fine (and English-speaking, Japanese too), the water has a slice of lime in it, the music is strangely 80s (at least for me – but maybe lesser-known Tina Turner tunes do scream out ‘handmade pizza’ to some people out there) and it’s an excellent place in which to relax for a while.

The Bellagio Shanghai

The internet is also a nice throwback to simpler times (of a few years ago), as it’s just a normal password system – no need to send a text to yourself and fill in a code, which is hardly the kind of awful hassle that one should deal with in a civilised World now, is it.



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