Children birthday parties in Shanghai

Where is a good place for kids parties in Puxi Shanghai? Best kids party venue Shanghai Puxi?

Patafun is inside a cafe, Patachon. So you can happily see the kids in a secure play area, whilst you relax with food or drink, and friends.


PATAFUN a kids playground by PATACHON is open everyday from 11am till 10pm. For the kids to play, and the parents to relax.

Bringing convenience and fun to Shanghai families all week, all year long.

PATAFUN is the perfect place to host a variety of parties. From baby showers to birthday parties, our PATA-JIEJIE will ensure that both children & parents have a memorable experience. 法咖玩是举办各种派对的绝佳场地,从婴儿沐浴到生日派对,我们的法咖姐姐会给孩子 和家长一段难忘的体验。

Our parties come with various options that include food, drinks, gifts, piñata, animations and even invitation flyers or souvenir movies.
我们的派对有各种选项包含食物,饮料.礼物.皮纳塔,动画片甚至还有邀请函和纪念影 片。

The dedicated rooms in PATAFUN as well as the adjoining PATACHON space allows everyone to join the party, have fun & eat & drink.
法咖玩专用的房间以及相邻的法咖颂空间允 许每个人加入派对,,吃喝玩乐。

No.426 Dagu lu, by Shimen Yi lu

Simpsons Mrs Lovejoy China Video games


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