DOC Gastronomia Italiana (Pizza): Fashionable, not bad

D.O.C. is an Italian restaurant on Dongping road (toward the Yueyang road end by the Camel) in Shanghai.

It has picked a great location and is always full with tables of expats doing the group expat dinner thing.

I think it could also be a good place for first dates because it is noisy and – for some reason – they dim the lights at about 9:30pm.

However, if you are not on a first date, then the noise and the dimming of the lights are two very annoying factors that stand out in an otherwise ‘not bad’ meal.

The pizza is definitely good, I can observe and taste that.

But … nothing really prompts me to return. Also the staff take on a mood which is quite prevalent in popular Western restaurants in Shanghai: one which makes you feel as though they are (1) not entirely happy to serve you and (2) somehow see themselves on equal standing with the customer in the restaurant, when they are not.

Yes I said it – and I can say it because I am not an asshole who thinks that just because he or she now has the RMB to sit in Western restaurants then he or she is somehow now superior to his or her countrymen.

I can say that because I had part time service jobs all the way from school upwards, so I have experience of being a service staff; and when I was, I did the job to a good standard, being normal, polite and professional with the customers. Which is to say that I realised the basic ethos that they were the customer and I was the staff, so although I didn’t need to be sycophantic or obsequious, I absolutely had to maintain a standard politeness at all times.

Look at this:


This demonstrates that planning and ‘design’ went into the restaurant, and they have all the paraphernalia and accoutrements that a ‘Western restaurant’ in Shanghai needs.

Yet as I mention, though the pizza was definitely good, it never gave me that little delight of ‘better than good’ that would have been nice to experience in a restaurant that seemed to be aiming for a certain level of quality.

Try it yourself, at least once, and see what you think.

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