Shanghai over? Where next? Moving to Australia

Life in Shanghai is an experience that will offer something to anyone. This Shanghai expat style website is probably the only one which has no problem in showing the city for what it really is.

What does that mean? It means that I don’t mind blowing away the myth that life in Shanghai is an endless stream of glamour and the delight of being an expat celebrity who does anything other than have a job in the daytime and have a social life in the evening or night.

Some expats do fully buy into the starry-eyed dream that they are ‘making it’, and that they are ‘someone’, even when it is clearly not true, and they are normal people (which is fine).

But there are the smart ones out there that see the city for what it is – an episode of their life to experience, before they move on somewhere else.

But where to go to, and how?

People who move around the World are often people who are always focused on ‘the next’. They are never truly looking at the present, but rather mind-wandering through the future and their next step.

So, after the vice, the smog, clog and urban drudge of Shanghai, something at the other end of the scale often appears; Australia.

Australia offers the quality of life that everyone wants. Sure, some people need to experience other ways of life before they settle into quality, but the end desire is the same — somewhere with personal space, polite and happy, nice people, an optimistic society and great weather, not to mention jobs.

The problem in some cases can be Australia’s tricky and ever-changing migration system.

The easiest way to find out both your eligibility and ‘how’ you can get your visa, do a free visa assessment with Australia Visa Solutions.

Just go to their website and it will clearly explain how to register for your Australian visa assessment.

It will be a healthy next step for your body and mind, and a new horizon, one totally different from daily life in Shanghai.

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Foreigner in Shanghai


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