Another sexist Chinese TV ad (in which sex is inappropriately used)

Ah – advertising in China. A seemingly un-monitored and un-regulated thing, some adverts seem to be strangely focused on representing women as sex-starved morons.

This advert – for a packet of crisps / chips – goes one step further and involves the unsettling aspect of immature lust and worrying age differences.

What happens:

Three young girls are eating crisps. They seem about 14 – 15 years old.

Then they see a handsome older man. He looks in his early 20s.

crisp 3

crisp 2



He then seems disconcertingly interested in these young, un-supervised girls.


crisp 4


One girls cheeks blush red and she tries to eat daintily, presumably to impress this much older stranger.

crisp 1



Then he leaves and the girls resume innocently eating their snack.

But then he returns … for what reason is unclear – and they seem worried that he has seen them eating.


crisp 5


What is the point of this advert? What message did the makers of this advert think that it would send? What – on Earth – does this have to do with snack-food?

These questions are never posed when creating a TV advert, and the result is reasonably concerning.




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