Patafun kids playground on Dagu road

Indoors play areas are rare in Shanghai. Parks are rare in Shanghai.

So there really are very few places at which that you can let your kids burn off energy. There is a small play area on Tianyaoqiao road, on the 3rd floor of ‘Ascendas plaza’. Though the kids there are a bit ‘fighty’. Possibly due to being solely supervised by a less-than-motivated ayi.

That’s about it – aside Patafun at Patachon at Dagu road.

They have a large indoor play area which is filled with toys, playhouses and such, and is supervised by their staff.

Being indoor a cafe, it means that parents can relax while their kids play, play, play.

It’s not flawless – the upstairs area music speaker is linked to the downstairs one, so frankly, the music is too loud upstairs. Gets on your nerves a bit. They should do something about that, then it would be even better!

Address: as I said, Patachon, Dagu road. In the middle section by Top of the City over-priced residential complex. You know, the expat-y bit. There is currently a red t-shirt hanging outside of the building opposite.


Simpsons Mrs Lovejoy China Video games



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One Comment on “Patafun kids playground on Dagu road”

  1. August 5, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    Good stuff

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