Nine Thirty: A meaningless addition to the average food plague of Shanghai

The Hong Kong New World Tower on Huaihai Road recently ‘re-branded’ itself as ‘K11 Art Mall’.

Shopping and eating are not ‘arts’, yet they still may be the most artistic thing that a materialistic population does on any given weekend.

This vacuous yet intelligent manipulation of the minds of stupid people has seemingly dominoed through to at least one of the cafes contained within: ‘Nine Thirty’ (or 9:30) ‘by Awfully Chocolate’.

Awfully Chocolate make some of the best chocolate ice cream that you can conveniently purchase. Their hot chocolate is also lovely.

So, their next obvious step was to sell mediocre Western food, such as disappointing pastas and tasteless sandwiches.

The inside of their eatery is all decked out with baby pigs (health crisis countdown), growing vegetables and such.

Money – real money – was spent on this. But what are you, the customer, expected to spend your own money on when you go there?

Yes – food. Pasta, and sandwiches.

Have they shown even a shred of similar dedication to the quality of their food, as they did to their interior design and porcine husbandry? Of course not! Why would they? You can easily fill a venue with in-experienced and shallow people who are more concerned with how the exact look of a photograph of their food will collude their ‘modern’ and wealthy lifestyle to their fellow Weixin (WeChat) users.

That’s not an off the cuff or sarcastic remark.

All you need to do to be successful in the World of Food and Drink in this city is create a facade of contemporary glitz — a superficial layer of lifestyle-showcasing packaging, that can give your customers a tool with which they can convince themselves and others that instead of throwing away 65 RMB on a terrible and insultingly bland sandwich, they are instead a key player within the modernisation of an Asian city, ‘living it up’ with exotic culinary treasures and iPhone-related faux-happy poses & pleasures.

To conclude, I do not recommend the cafe Nine Thirty to anyone who maintains at least partial usage of their brain.




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One Comment on “Nine Thirty: A meaningless addition to the average food plague of Shanghai”

  1. July 29, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    Maybe this review seems ‘harsh’, maybe the manager / owner of this place will chance across this review and feel childish anger at being criticised. The case remains that the food speaks for itself. Food can be wonderful no matter the price, and heart & soul must go into the quality of what you are offering paying customers, in terms of the food purchased, not the ‘environment’ or ‘style’ of anywhere serving food.

    Your ice cream is still the best though, so well done there.

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