Rescue story of Remiau the cat

Rescue Story of an Abused Cat / Lovely “Remiau” needs a foster or adoptive home
On Wednesday May 22, late at night, I was passing by the parking lot of  the building where I live and then I listened one cat meowing from under a parked car. I called the kitty, she came out from under the car and  was super friendly … however, but I noticed something strange in the  neck of the kitty. I took her to the lobby of the building (with plenty  of light) and I was absolutely shocked to see that the cat’s neck was  completely skinned, showing a big open wound all around the neck.
I decided to take the kitty immediately to a Vet hospital. I took a taxi and went to the hospital “Dog & Cat” (one of the few Vet hospitals  that are open 24 hours). Once in the hospital (approx. at 00:30 hrs.)  the doctor had to shave the fur around the neck of the cat and the image was terrible: a 360 degrees open wound where you could see all the  kitty’s flesh.
The doctor cleaned the wound several times with different medical  products, and then put a bandage around her neck. The Vet doctor told me that I caught the cat just in time to be saved, and give her 2  antibiotics injections. She spent the night in that hospital and the  following day I took her to Petshome Veterinary Hospital (Jing An) where she is currently boarding and getting medical care.
Just a few days later she had an operation on her neck (Saturday May 25) to close her huge wound and help her to heal faster. As you can see in  her pictures, she is much better now after the operation and her wound  has healed nicely. She already got her first vaccination and, when the  time comes, I will have her spayed.
I named her “Remiau”, she is approx. 1 year old, a lovely and very  friendly cat (she is super happy and purrs when I touch her chin and  when I stroked her back in the hospital). I truly want to find an  excellent home with a caring family for her.
If you want to help Remiau by offering her a foster or forever adoptive home, please contact me. Thank you very much!
Contact for fostering/adoption enquiries: Alejandra / S.O.S. Animal Protection e-mail:
Cat rescue Shanghai expat

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