Mr. X Puzzle House, Shanghai

If you ‘just want to try something different tonight’ and are referring to honest disfrutation rather than orientation, then you may want to try Mr. X Puzzle House, which is at 550 Jumen road by Quxi road. (which is around the Xizang road Xujiahui road area … around 10/15 minutes taxi South of People’s Square)

I went because a British friend suggested it, as he was going with a group of Belgians. Nonetheless, it still represented ‘something different’.

You might like Mr. X Puzzle House, if you enjoy difficult puzzles.

The cost is 100 RMB per person.

You are led into two separate rooms (divided from a group of around 10 or 15). The rooms have very little in them.

But using whatever you have, you must communicate between each other to solve the clues to get keys or move panels, in order to get to new rooms and solve the puzzle to get out of there.

If your hour runs out then you all need to pay another 100 RMB to continue(!).

The Belgians had been once before and failed miserably, so they went to try again.

The staff there became so tired of us that in the end he gave us a couple of clues. All in all, I felt that it was a waste of 100 RMB, however, that is just me, and there are many of you out there that could enjoy this – especially as a kind of ‘forced enjoyment’, i.e. a colleague outing or work-based team-building exercise.

You might enjoy Mr. X puzzle house if you:

– have experience with such types of puzzle and have at least a basic idea of what to expect — or just enjoy any kind of puzzle

– want to try anything new for an evening in Shanghai

– are Belgian

– all of the above

Mr X Puzzle House Shanghai 2


Mr X Puzzle house Shanghai




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