Good nightlife in Shanghai

We are not merely grumpy curmudgeons, sinuously castigating all people for attempting catharsis and much needed sacred physical expression of mental cyclone and a scrambled soul.

It is neither exaggeration nor a weak, darkly-borne assault on the innocent to suggest that much of the nightlife in Shanghai contains the hideous reality of so-called ‘modern day’ life. It is instead a suggestion prompted by simple observation and visually-induced brain-information which could lead one to feel dis-satisfied with your fellow man & woman.

Lacking precise definition, the abstract and opinion-based line between substance and superficiality results in microcosms which do contain other humans, yet appear to be totally alien to me or you.

The way people dress, the topic and intellect of their conversation, their hopes & dreams, their knowledge and research of important historical events, whether they have watched ‘Cheers’ or not – no one official adjudicating body or respected convened authority has decreed any law or system on these issues — they are of a naturally created culture: in theory, a completely free and autocratic evolution, inevitably streamlined and decided upon by each individual.

No one sits by a still pool, ‘neath majestic tree and ancient nature, mulling through Sun-down before eventually concluding upon a certain dress-code and a depth of both spiritual-pursuit and hair-product, by which they will forevermore define themselves — not only define themselves by, but only surround themself with other humans who have also built an identical personal policy on life, but more importantly on branding of cufflink, and sunglasses.

Rather, their ‘brain’ decides this for them, leading each of them toward a pretentious, showy, superficial existence.

Yet this is not a judgement of people nor an assumption that each person contained within any particular room or ‘terrace’ is the same. Nor is it a moan.

It is a simple observation that here, perhaps more than any other place to which the writer has travelled, it is possible to encounter large rooms or ‘patios’ in which large groups of people can be found; people who seemingly take the election of mobile phone, clothing and accessory as the single most important facets of their existence.

Not being a moan, this is in no way whatsoever an attempt, wish or thought to change any of this.

It’s just a context with which to set the premise that in Shanghai it is not always easy to enjoy the necessary punctuation of nightlife at a place which is not filled with complete twats.

Fortunately, such places do exist.

They are:

Craft, 7 Donghu Rd.


Dada, 115 Xingfu Rd.

They are nothing special, which is the point. Not ‘oh dive bars, wow! So cool! So alternative!’. Just that the people are either normal or a-bit-weird-in-a-good-way, and that no laowai dancing within either thinks they are God’s gift to Shanghai nor wants a media outlet to take a photo of them (and their ‘friends’!) holding a moronic pose & duckface.

No, I don’t know if the beer is real, but at least some of the patrons seem to be.







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