You are on the Bund, I am on the Bund

We are all … on the Bund. At any time.

By real and truthful definition, the Bund is the area which was called the Bund, and than factually is the Bund.

You can read details of the Bund on Wikipedia, such as “The Bund stretches one mile along the bank of the Huangpu River. Traditionally, the Bund begins at Yan’an Road (formerly Edward VII Avenue) in the south and ends at Waibadu Bridge”

However, ‘the Bund’ sounds better than ‘the middle of fucking nowhere’, doesn’t it?

Enter the Shanghai syndrome of false claims and any possible leap towards aggrandisement.

See a map, with the Bund shown:

The real Bund

So there it is.

However — please don’t be worried about that. If you are thinking of starting a business in Shanghai, don’t let the actual geographical and historical facts get in the way of your plans!

You can have a place more or less anywhere in Shanghai and still say that it is on the Bund.

Hyatt on the Bund was one of the first to put the Bund into the full name of their business.

Well, at least they have the honesty to — once you visit their website — to explain that well, no not really, we’re more kind of, you know, Huangpu Road.

Banyan Tree also not on the Bund have taken this many brilliant steps further.

Visit their website.

Go on, click above and visit. The first picture you see is the Bund, slap bang in your face.

OK, so find the address on the homepage. Have a glance. Can’t see it?

Have a full scan, a peruse, a magnified search. Hmm, no address?

OK, it’s for ‘design purposes’ I suppose.

Try their menu.

‘About the resort’ …. hmm, no where there …

Here? There? Underneath, inside? No.

They do not show the actual address of their hotel on their website of the named ‘Banyan Tree On, The, Bund’.


The fake Bund

At figure A, in Hongkou district, about 1 mile (1.6 km, 20+ minutes walk) from the Bund, is their Bund hotel, being all Bundy from dawn ’til’ dusk, just Bunding it up in a kind of Bundonian feel that just Bunds the Bund out of me. (the red line is where the real Bund is)


However, do we yet have a winner?

It would seem not.

Mexo at the Bund is not on the Bund, but it is surely and most definitely at the Bund, right?

Unfortunately, no.

It is roughly 2 miles away from the Bund, at the end of the black line. (the scale shown their is accurate, it is just pasted in from the bottom-left of the Google map)

I don’t have anything against Mexo not at the Bund, or any of these places. They do decent things and operate as good businesses.

But their names are fantastically ridiculous.

Now leave me alone while I enjoy my Bund window view from my pungent bathroom toilet … on the Bund.



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