Developing City’s Shanghai pollution index

To get the air reading in Shanghai, you can follow the US Consulate.

You could probably follow a local ‘official’ one too. But then you’d be reading a big pile of incorrect shite that is made up to just maintain the status quo of avoiding the truth at any cost.

Or how about this shiny new offering from Developing City, your friendly neighbourhood Shanghai expat blog thing.


Blue Shanghai

Reading level 1: Non-existent

See these blue skies? This is now possible in Shanghai, thanks to modern technology. That technology is Photoshop. True blue all the way down to the horizon? No.


Shanghai real normal skyline

Level 2: The best you’re going to get

This isn’t real blue skies, but like many things in Shanghai, it is fakely presented as such. Just like the ingredients in restaurant food, the idea of personal freedom and your friends, it’s just not quite real —- but we also know it’s the best we can hope for and so trick ourselves into pretending that it’s all good, and the expat myth continues for one more day.


Shanghai medium

Level 3: It’s probably something like this.

But never mind, you can more or less forget that you are breathing dust and dirt, as long as you instead focus on important matters such as which would be just the coolest restaurant / bar to go to this evening.


Pollution Shanghai

Level 4: ‘Why the fuck am I here?’

It was like this for a couple of weeks in January. But it’s not like that right now! So yeah, Shanghai! Wooo! Etc.!




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One Comment on “Developing City’s Shanghai pollution index”

  1. May 24, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

    I thought consuming all of those Yum Brand KFC chicken wings solved all of this ugliness?

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