Kappo Yu, ‘Kaiseki’ in Shanghai

Kappo Yu: Turn up, tune in, turn on


Imagine a famous Japanese chef in Shanghai, dedicating his love and soul into conjuring up a unique genesis of his own creation.


Imagine yourself arriving to a state of food awe and tongue pleasure, as you are rendered speechless like a virgin, with pure, awestruck joy at centring in on new tastes and feelings for the first time and needing to stop yourself from smooching with the Chef after each new and amazing course.


Kappo Yu is real.

The food delight and Japanese experience that you have been searching for has been here all along. Kappo Yu skips into its fourth year with a full house night after night, romancing and enchanting food lovers with seasonal treasures.


Chef Terada-san has established a fun, yet intimate and magical grotto of expert playfulness.


This meal starts gently and woos you into several explosions of guaranteed happiness.


Is Kappo Yu kaiseki? Is it a set menu? Is it a party in your mouth with all genres of Japanese cuisine invited?


Like any genuine relationship, we’re not labelling it. Emotion, experience and taste are the keys which will open your heart to the danger of falling into sweet, sweet love with Terada-san and his evening courtship of all ranges of Japanese dining.

Green desserts Kappo Yu Sashimi Kappo Yu cooked Japanese Kappo Yu

Kappo Yu is on 33 Wuxing Rd., 100m South of Huaihai Rd.


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Foreigner in Shanghai


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