Expat Dad: All a blur

As everyone knows, the second baby is easier. This is mainly for two reasons. One is that you have done this before, so you have experience. The second is that you are already aware that the age period of around months 9 to month 36 are much more difficult than months 0 to 9, because during that 1 to 3 age range, your little one is at the stage where he or she wants to explore everything, all the time – yet cannot be left to, in case he or she falls over onto a ‘sharp corner’, or the like.

So it is still essentially about experience. So that’s really one reason. Not two. Or is it two? You see, this is the basic and moron-level of confusion that a parent-of-a-newborn-baby will become lost within, mind-muddled by the blur of low-quality sleep and an increase in menial chores.

No matter the experience that you may have, you are still limited by the hours in the day and the need for blessed, sweet and divine sleep.

Take the recent holiday as an example.

Presumably you, as an active human of the social world, would have known that the holiday was coming. You would have known the plans of your friends and acquaitances – you would have had, get this; plans of your own. A trip here and there. A slumberfest. Time spent simply fiddling with yourself in un-interrupted micro-management of your various body parts.

As a parent who is instead locked into the dizzying labyrinth of baby-care, I had literally no idea or memory that there was a holiday around now, be it the Chinese one or something to do with Easter, until the day arrived and the roads were empty.

The solace to take – if but a mere quantam – is given because of that experience: that time is a grower of many things, your baby included. Routines will be established and they will get to a point where you can more or less ignore and neglect them, but they will still brush their own teeth and facilitate their own bodily functions.

As always, this is not a moan or complaint – a healthy baby is a blessing. And now it’s back to micro-management of ‘the baby’s’ bum fireworks.



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