Two Tonkatsu options in Shanghai

The first and best is Ginza Bairin, which is on the 4th floor of the IFC mall.

Apparently the owners are from Hong Kong, but the style, quality and ethos is Japanese – and this shows through in the food.

The set of pork is usually around 138 RMB, but between 12 and 5, you can get the 3 pork piece set for 88 RMB. Including the usual soup, rice and cabbage (the latter two being possible to ‘refill’ at no extra cost), it’s excellent value for money. I have also tried the Aussie beef there, the tempura seafood set and others, but the classic pork fillet set is the best one.

With three sauces, I like to use the main tonkatsu sauce on the pork, sesame on the cabbage, and the wasabi sauce on the rice … which is a match made in nostril-exciting heaven.

Shanghai Tonkatsu pork


Shanghai Tonkatsu cabbage


Shanghai Tonkatsu sauces

The second option, Tonkatsu Hamachan, is on 176 Jiaozhou rd by Beijing rd.

Shanghai Tonkatsu Hamachan

It is cheaper, at 65 RMB for the set. Some may say that this means that it is not as good – but overall I’d just say that it is ‘different’, and still worth a try.

It is also a nice, small place with a more ‘real’ feel – not that there is anything wrong with Ginza Bairin, but any restaurant in a shopping mall has an emotional limitation.


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