Daily Pick: Something you cannot afford

I’m not going to say that most of the city’s media and some of it’s magazines are just unreadable, contrived, dull, cliched, hackneyed and repetitive things, devoid of any humour, irony, wit or flair. I’m just not going to say it. You have the power of judgement on such matters, and have likely already come to your own conclusion on this reasonably obvious answer.

Relevant to which:

Rather than comment negatively on such things, I have decided to ignore them and let them be. They are nothing to do with me and they have their own particular and specific goals in mind.

Yet there is one aspect to just some of them that does seem, well, worthy of some ridicule.

This is when they review very expensive ‘venues’. Which is, sadly, most of the time.

Now, this is not only strange because most expats in Shanghai – despite the obvious stereotypes and the dreams of some desperate wannabes – are not rich.

Most expats do not have chauffeur-driven cars, most do not live in an apartment at over 20,000 RMB a month, and most do not always eat in restaurants which cost over 1000 RMB per visit.

Obviously some do. That’s fair enough.

But, most, do not.

Therefore this alone makes it seem strange to exclusively mention things which cost a lot of money.

When you add in that the writers of the magazine can in no way afford to live that way, it also seems a tad odd.

Reading about a normal person who is making a normal wage write about things that they could never possibly afford has a fair amount of incongruence to it – and that’s not a word I like to normally employ.

So to finish, let’s quickly take a look at something which is a typical ‘Daily Pick’ or ‘Recommend’ from people who could never actually afford to pick it, and who do not have any friends who could afford to recommend it:

Chi the Spa. Cost: several thousands RMB upwards for some massage treatment.

The spa at Shangri-La. Really, really good. OBVIOUSLY.

The spa at Shangri-La. Really, really good. OBVIOUSLY.

It’s more or less like saying:

‘Daily Pick: a Mercedes S class. Really good car’ and print that in a car magazine.




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2 Comments on “Daily Pick: Something you cannot afford”

  1. March 5, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    Here in Hong Kong, I equally hate the home decor articles that feature enormous flats filled with just-bought expensive stuff. From now on I think I’d best skip the last quarter of the South China Morning Post’s Sunday magazine…


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    […] legitimacy to garner a conversation about yet another 5 star hotel in Shanghai. The rags have to fill their pages with cack that no one will really read. But you do not have to maintain such social insecurity that you need […]

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