The cunning plan of the entertainment industry

“Doing precisely what we have done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they’ll expect us to do this time!”

Looking for a venue for your restaurant, cafe, pub, bar, or nightclub?

Believe that – for no particular stated or analysed reason – that you will succeed where many, many others have failed?

Then ensure to choose a venue which has recently failed.

They, like you may do, doubtlessly failed because of ‘rental issues’ or ‘problems with the landlord’. Judging by every single closure that is explained on the city’s dull ‘expat media’, venues ONLY fail because of these two reasons.


Salad, Sir? That's Western. It'll be 98 RMB please.

Salad, Sir? That’s Western. It’ll be 98 RMB please.


Not because of reasons such as:

They had no idea how to promote or market the restaurant or place

“But I told all of my ‘friends’ on Facebook about it!”

They had no clear one idea or specific direction (or ‘branding’) that they would stick to

“Hey I know, why don’t we sell cheap things that people can buy to take away, and also really expensive things that stupid people will buy, such as over-priced wine and meat? Let’s also include a really good buffet. And a Ladies Night. And also maybe a Business Lunch Set. And a Breakfast Deal. But also Afternoon Tea. Success is guaranteed with all bases covered!”

They failed to – d’oh! – actually TRAIN any staff

So that when you walk in, you are met by a few miserable faces who know absolutely nothing about what they are selling / serving. They do know one thing though: they hate you.

Where are the people who created this establishment? Why do they not care that the service is THIS bad? Because they are morons, no doubt thinking of their ‘next great idea’, rather than taking the time to take pride in their work and do one thing well.

They quickly forgot all of the people that had helped them get there

In their desperation to be known as ‘a success’, and grab a quick lot of RMB, they tossed generosity and humility out of the window. So instead of simply ‘being nice’ to those that had helped them out professionally when in the difficulty of starting a new business or establishment, they ignored them and did not invite them to try out their new place.

Not only for manners, but this is basic business sense also. Treat those in the same field of work – and any other ‘humans’ – with respect and thanks and they may just bless you with good karma.

Will they learn from such mistakes?


Give it a few months and get ready for the expat media cosy release of “venue X is closing due to problems with the rent / landlord. We’ll have news on their new location as soon as they find one”. (they may also say ‘stay tuned’, such is their lack of originality)

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