Best Xinjiang food in Shanghai

When I was a young warthog, there was a delightfully grimey, nook-and-cranny type of Xinjiang place on Fumin road, just by Yan’an road.

The food was divine, the owners and their staff/family were always good for a guffaw, and they had plenty of nice cats in the restaurant. Cats in the real, feline sense – not the throwback, Jazz sense, you understand.

There were times when you would walk into the restaurant and see two kittens fiddling with their cockroach quarry on the floor. So, granted, it may not have won any awards related to sanitary one-upmanship, but it had all the right ingredients – both real and metaphorical – that make a lovely restaurant. Insect incorporealness aside.

But as with many things in life, such as your physical fitness, ambitions and affection from your spouse, it disappeared at some point around 2008.

Though the homely and quixotic nature of that particular Fumin road restaurant is gone, high quality and necessarily moreish Xinjiang food is still to be found in Shanghai.

The best chain is 耶里夏丽, or Ye Li Sha Li.

They have around 10 locations in Shanghai, two of the best / best-located being Tianshan, Hongqiao and Nandan Rd., Xujiahui. If you live near there.

The lamb sticks, the ‘da pan ji’, the lamb chops, the ‘lao hu cai’ … all just amazing. You can pre-book a whole cooked lamb to be sat on the table also.

Xinjiang Da Pan JiXinjiang meat wrapsXinjiang lamb chops topXinjiang lamb chops


and plenty, plenty, plenty of:


Xinjiang Black Beer



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