Ippudo Noodles Shanghai

Or ‘Ippudo Ramen’, I should maybe specify if I am going to be fancy.

They are pretty yummy. But are they reasonably priced? I’m not sure.

The main noodle / ramen chain in Shanghai, for years, has been Ajisen. Ajisen provides large bowls of noodle-soup-ramen at reasonably prices, with some other types of sides to boot.

Ippudo is more expensive than Ajisen, but also better.

The interior is nicer if you care about that sort of thing (and even if you don’t), and no offence to the Ajisen staff, but the Ippudo staff are sharper and brighter.

The food: the noodles are MUCH nicer than Ajisen. The sides are also more interesting and prompt a decent ordering of non-noodle specialities.

But back to the price. The noodles are priced fairly, for the improved quality that you are getting.

The problem is the portion.

The noodles can be wolfed down by even the daintiest eater in about 2 minutes.

The sides are quite nice but are more or less like eating air, in terms of stomach-fillability.

So to feel normally or nicely full, you would need a noodles and at least a few sides. This results in the per person price increasing to potentially 100 RMB (without a drink).

Is that reasonable? You, my friend, will have to make that individual choice. But I guarantee you a tasty path to getting to your final conclusion!

You don’t need an ‘address’ – it’s in LG1 of the IFC Mall.

I took one of these photos from the Hungriest Panda.

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