The constipated dragon: China’s billion rise up the tiger’s tail

That’s the new title of my new book.

In it, I will explain:

  • the ‘secrets’ of arriving in China on day 1 and being declared an international business super hero on day 2
  • the ‘inner circle’ perspective on hypnotising Asian men and making them fall in love with you
  • the ‘special angle’ that all CEOs have on how to rudely order the most expensive food in European restaurants
  • and the kinds of ‘flatulation’ which will ensure that you are well received by all clientele

If you are ever going to write a book about China, please, please, just do not be original.

These people followed the rule and had their crappy ‘books’ published:

China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation

Managing the Dragon: Building a Billion-Dollar Business in

One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of
Doing Business in China

The Anxious Dragon: China’s New Middle Class

I’m not going to link to these books because they do not deserve any extra attention.

The last one is perhaps the best (worst). Hmm, a book about China’s middle class … how to get that dragon word in there … ‘anxious dragon’? Excellent!

These are all real titles and not made up.

But it’s a good game to play. What is your ‘book on China’ called?


P.S. if you do want to read a good book about China, simply get ‘The Chinese’ by Jasper Becker. A very good read – and a normal title!




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