Female Foreign: Desperately cute

Female Foreign blesses us with her female girl women’s perspective on life in Shanghai.

Not ‘naturally cute’. Or ‘cute’. But desperately trying a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to be ‘cute’.

Watch any minutes of local television and you will soon notice it. Each and every advert is actually trying to make women here stupid.

In every advert, the girl or woman in the advert is sulking, pouting, or talking in a dumbo voice to a man. Whether that’s to get a McDonalds, a KFC, some chewing gum or some chips:

slutty woman wants chips

The general message is that if you are female, you more or less need to act like a sex-starved idiot, in order to get men to give you stuff.

In the above ad, the man is flirting with her. And he is also flirting with a woman who lives in the apartment opposite. then the girl acts very slutty to try and get him to enjoy her fried chicken with chips. Good eh?

Now – does this kind of social … ‘mind-cleansing’ cross over to the population? I don’t know.

I mean, who knows if the population is generally easy to persuade and convince?

Well in any case – on pretty much any social networking platform, you can enjoy things like this:


Now, that she has chosen ‘Felicia’ is just amazing.

Also – I don’t know this girl and have nothing against her. She is just trying to get along in her World.

And she is doing this by doing some ‘advertising’ of her own. In case you are not quite able to read the nuance and subtely of what each facial expression is attempting to illucidate and communicate, allow me to assist:










Unfortunately for Felicia, there is just so much competition out there.

For one Felicia, Expat Jack and his band of Muse-loving amigos can find a million more Felicias.

Not only in the foreign sphere, but if Felicia just wants to find a normal Chinese man, time is not on her side.

With dearest Mother and Father pressing her to marry before 30, at any cost, what chances does she have of finding a normal, sane, reasonable-looking local man —– that has, most importantly, some money. For such men here, they also have millions more to choose from.

So this is not, at all, a criticism of sweet Felicia. Just a mere wondering if this current generation will learn from their predicament. When they have children, will they learn to take the pressure off the absolute need to marry as soon as possible?

Will women in China eventually put pressure on the advertising industry to actually represent them, as happened (and still needs to happen) in ‘the West’?

Take one classic example: the advert on local TV here for tampons. They still show the woman just having a darn good time and just lovin’ life as soon as she pops on the pad or tampon. In one advert, the girl even thrusts her butt up into the air as she plays along with her golden retriever.

We all know that anything “takes time” to develop, while Western society is developing even more quickly forwards at the same time.

But being realistic (not optimistic), women will always want to get their true voice heard. Even in Asia, where some are still happy and content to be portrayed as sex-starved morons. So give them a little more time and who knows…


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2 Comments on “Female Foreign: Desperately cute”

  1. January 8, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    Oh man , I’ve seen that commercial. Awful!


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