PPAR Adoptable cats, December 2012

PPAR Adoptable Cats of December: Mr. Tom and baby Domenico!

Name: Tom

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Male

Health: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and neutered.

Ideal Home: Tom is a healthy and friendly boy. He is an ideal pet for a family looking for an affectionate cat.  

His Story: Tom’s original owners moved away and they abandoned Tom at the compound where they used to live. As Tom was raised as an indoor cat, the stray life was very difficult for him so, fortunately, Tom was rescued. Well, in fact, one day Tom just followed his rescuer, so the rescuer decided to take him and find a good home for him!!!

Tom is now living at the PPAR shelter and waiting for his warm and forever loving home. We hope that Tom will find a great home with responsible people before the coming New Year. Adopting Tom will be a rewarding experience for any animal lover.

PPAR Tom December 2012 2

Name: Domenico

Age: Approx. 3 months old

Gender: Male

Health: Vaccinated (first and second shots), deflead and dewormed.

Ideal Home: Domenico is a very social little kitty who enjoys a lot playing with other cats. I have other 3 rescued cats at home, and Domenico loves playing, chasing, being chased and getting groomed by them. He loves all kinds of toys … but I guess he really likes to chase and bite the tails of his cat friends!

His Story: The night of September 15th I was crossing the intersection of Baoshan Road, Dongbaoxing Road and Zhongxing Road when I hear a very loud meowing coming from a small patch of garden that it is located in the middle of the intersection. It took me quite some time to find Domenico, even though he was very noisy, because he was hidden very deep among some flowers and because the lighting was not the best. When finally I spotted him I noticed how small he was. Domenico was dirty with black grease, but luckily was not too skinny nor sick. When I hold him with my hands he did not struggle at all (I guess he knew that he was being rescued and taken to a safe place).

That night I took him to my apartment and gave him food, water and a soft warm bed to have a good rest. The following morning I took him to Petshome Veterinary Hospital in Gubei, where Dr. Lo did a general medical check on Domenico. Just to make sure that he had no disease I put him one week on boarding at the hospital. Then, after those 7 days under observation at the hospital (and a much needed bubble bath) I took him home. I have to say that after that bath he really looked like a mini-lion (his fur coat has a nice honey brown color and he has a very cute mane too!).

Since Domenico came to live in my apartment he has become the center of the attention for my other 3 rescued cats, and he is pampered by every one of them. Domenico is very lovely and purrilicious, yet very playful and very good for running all the time!

PPAR Domenico December 2012

Can you provide a nice forever loving home to Tom or Domenico?

For more information about these lovely cats, on how to be a volunteer, foster parent and/or how to adopt a cat or kitten from PPAR, please contact Ms. Sophia Lin at: yelin28@hotmail.com

You may also come to see more cats and kittens, from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm, every weekend in the PPAR Shelter at Lane 555, Jinping Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.

Phone: 021-5480-1699 021-5480-1699    

(上海闵行区金平路555弄合生城邦一街坊,联系电话: 021-5480-1699           021-5480-1699     )

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit animal rescue group founded in 2007 by several individual animal rescuers. Their main objective is to find loving homes for homeless cats. Go to: http://developingcity.net/cat-rescue/ 

to learn more.




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