Me important Laowai, me deserve free cheese

A ‘microcosm’ is essentially a fancy word for an ‘example’.

Here is an absolutely brilliant example into the twisted mind of a laowai in China.

This may be a small issue, but it says so much more.

The Wagas cheese issue.

“However today when I asked for a bit more cheese on my pasta, I was told that the extra cheese would cost me TWELVE RMB more. When I asked them if that’s a joke, they have no explanation except “This is our new company policy”. ”

That is just part of his dunce-tastic ‘review’ of Wagas.

This self-declared Very Important Laowai seems not to understand that Wagas is a business, selling pasta at around 45 RMB for a large bowl.

Their costs to make this healthy and tasty meal include:

  • Rent
  • Rates, bills, electric, gas water, property management fees
  • Staff costs
  • Furniture (furniture design also), interior decoration (& design), cutlery, crockery, cleaning of all of this
  • Ingredients: water, pasta, oil, salt, pepper, bacon, cream, chicken, onion, lemon, cheese, parsley (as an example of one)

in order to deliver just one bowl of pasta (and aim for a profit).

Cheese in China isn’t even cheap.

So if every single Very Important Laowai wanted ‘extra cheese’, then the cost of the bowl would need to go up.

Then such simple-minded people may complain that: “Hey Wagas is now 55 RMB a bowl. Oh man this is so typical, they are just raising prices unfairly”.

The fact is: you are not important. You do not deserve anything for free. If you do want to have your ‘full meal’ at McDonalds, then go ahead and feel Very Important there. Oh, and try to ask for free extra fries too.




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2 Comments on “Me important Laowai, me deserve free cheese”

  1. December 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Think Mengniu is going to start mass producing an (inevitably inferior) series of cheeses? Or have they already? I firmly ignore that section of the supermarket…

    • December 12, 2012 at 10:32 am #

      Yes there are ‘cheese options’ there, but otherwise we are still stuck with import fees – which is fair enough. The dear VIL fellow above probably goes into the Supermarket to buy his one pack of cheese and then asks for “extra cheese” at the checkout.

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