Naam Thai: Thai Restaurant in Shanghai

Thai restaurants in Shanghai are popular, yet none of them are known as ‘the best’. The problem with reading reviews is that the person making the review wants to make it clear that:

  • they have been to Thailand. Many times. All over. They know Thailand better than Thai people do
  • so, they know Thai food, OK?
  • they cook Thai food. Really good Thai food.
  • So they fit that into their review, while moaning that the Ku Tam Tik (or whatever) isn’t quite like the one that they had on the secret beach of Pho Mumket (or wherever)

This means that the review is useless.

In Shanghai, the main contendors are Lapis Thai (quite good), Coconut Paradise (over-priced and almost pitch-black inside), and Simply Thai (average food, crap and arrogant service – at least in the IFC branch).

Naam Thai is our suggestion for the ‘best Thai restaurant’ in Shanghai, taking all factors into account.

The price is good and the food is classic Thai, done well.

The service is good and the restaurant sits on the side of a quiet, away-from-the-road terrace with good outdoors seating.

If you know that you are in the mood for the classics (tom yum soup, green curry, Thai salad and some Thai desserts & drinks), then Naam Thai is the obvious choice.



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One Comment on “Naam Thai: Thai Restaurant in Shanghai”

  1. November 13, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Naam Thai is yummy! If you have the chance go check out Urban Thai at 938 Changle Lu. It’s a small cozy place with a Thai mom/daughter combo running it.

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