Funny: Things Bogans Like

We chanced across this site: Things Bogans Like – and fully recommend it.

Understanding a bogan – or understanding what a bogan is – can be tricky for Asian people.

Remember, this is not a snobbish view of poor white people – oh no. It’s more a disdain for the moral values (or lack thereof) of these fine people.


In the US, they have white trash.

In the UK, chavs.

Bogans are uniquely Australian.

So how can these different – yet similar – concepts of human failure be explained?


  • General low intelligence
  • Poor parenting techniques
  • A like of sportswear
  • Easily offended
  • Quick to violence
  • High production of offspring


Ah – the differences are subtle to the uneducated eye, yet in reality they are numerous.


British chavs are usually horrible people.

They are incredibly work-shy. They love nothing more than to sponge off of the system, creaming as many benefits as they can, while contributing absolutely nothing to society.

They will be drunk (on cheap cider) as much as possible, and generally just ‘hang around’ town centres, doing nothing but either lazy vandalism or random acts of usually non-serious yet completely un-necessary violence.

Burberry is the fashion choice for chavs, almost always matched with Adidas or Reebok. I couldn’t bring myself to put a photo of a chav on my site, but just Google image search ‘chavs’ and you will see for yourself.


I think one key difference between bogans and chavs is that bogans will work for a living. As the website TBL shows us, bogans love going to work the mines. For work that will not tax the brain, they can be paid big bucks. The reason they will work, while chavs will not, is that the bogan truly adores ‘stuff’.

‘Stuff’ is good.

The adverts say it is good, and when you get it, it turns out that the stuff really IS good. So you end up wanting more stuff. Because the adverts don’t stop.

Muscle cars with trailers, huge TVs, McMansions, KFC Zinger Burgers – the bogan wants it all.

White Trash

White trash are similar to chavs in that they really do not like to work. Yet white trash in the US seem more prone to crime. UK chavs don’t have any problem with breaking the law – but that would still require either effort or forethought on their part.

While white trash may smoke crack or need to whore themselves out, chavs wouldn’t really know how to do either of those things. Simpler and therefore better to stick to cider, and just ruining things for other people for no reason, through vandalism and uncontrolled aggression.

Are there chavs or similar in China?

No, thankfully.

There is crime in each country, yet things like violent crime and vandalism (chav) are incredibly rare, while a drugs or trailer park community (white trash) is also more or less non-existent in the local population.

Boganism may be the one thing that is creeping into Chinese society – people who have no class or ability to distinguish taste, instead using adverts and TV to tell them what to buy, and yearn to buy.

You know – billionaire farmers in lambourghinis while their starved-thin girlfriends totter around on the latest luxury fashion accessory.

This is a tiny, tiny part of the population though, so we are safe for now. For now.



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