Shanghai’s best all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurants

Expats adore one thing: telling other expats that the places they go to, are wrong.

You know – if you try a burger, pizza, massage or haircut and tell someone that it was good, the usual reply is: “oh, don’t go there, that’s not the one everyone goes to. The best one is … ”

At which point they then return to their shiny new scooter and speed off, no doubt directly to the trendiest cafe known to man, quickly whipping out their iPad on arrival, in order to buy a flight ticket to the new Thai location. Using their miles.

We digressed far, far from this review, so allow me to tell you – as the annoying expat that I am – that the all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant that you have been going to – is wrong.

The two best options, head, shoulders and scallops above the rest, are here:

People’s Square (Wang Ding)

or Hongqiao (Chu Hua)

They are both fantastic, so it doesn’t really matter which one you go to – based on your location, of course.

They may slightly differ – for example, at times Wang Ding will have big lamb chops while Chu Hua has enormous prawns.

They are expensive – think just under 400 RMB per person – but for a treat, it is so, so worth it.

As with all popular Chinese restaurants (or restaurants popular with Chinese people) in a city in which the population has nothing to do except shop and eat in their spare time, they have customers at all hours.

This means that you need to plan ahead – don’t go on a weekend unless you are happy arriving to eat at 11:30am, or arrive at 5:00pm sharp on a weekday. Or, queue. For a long time.

They may also take bookings for larger tables.

You may have an “OK” one that you like to go to that is, say, 180 RMB, but there is no point in silliness. We are talking about good food here: better to go once to a great place than twice to a sub-standard Japanese on Dagu Rd., as I once dis-enjoyed.

Just wear your baggy trousers.






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