Disneyland Shanghai: 2012 update

Disneyland Hong Kong made a loss of $30 million in 2011.

Nonetheless, Disney is still in a position of great success.

The Metro system will go to Disneyland Shanghai.

The Disneyland Shanghai project costs $ 4.7 billion and 57% is from the Chinese government.

Going to Disneyland Shanghai

Will it be worth going to Disneyland Shanghai?

There answer depends on your tolerance levels, and/or how long you have lived in China.

There are going to be large tour groups. An endless supply of them from all over China. That should answer your question.

The problem with Disneyland Hong Kong is it’s size. It’s tiny! It has 3 very small areas, containing few rides. It’s possible to do the whole thing in a few hours, or less.

Disneyland Shanghai must avoid this problem or it will also be ridiculed. Yet they may not even care. They are guaranteed money because there will always be a group of people that go there simply to say they went there and ‘be middle class’, as well as buy a lot of things because they are labelled Disney and will come in a Disney shopping bag.

I can already see the adverts. The usual fireworks + Mickey + family smiling as they whilr round on a ride and, finally, a young-ish thin Chinese woman in high heels, smiling with a few Disney shopping bags. Guaranteed “I want to go to there” demand from the female population.

Personally, I’d go there but give it a good year or more, and only pick a low-season weekday!


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