Most moreish restaurant: Chloe’s

Chloe’s is tucked away just off of Lujiazui (around 15 minutes walk from IFC) and provides what so many other Shanghai restaurants lack: moreishness and the feeling of true meat indulgence.

There are plenty of steak places in the city, as well as all-you-can-eat style offerings.

Yet, somehow, there are few restaurants that really lodge themselves in your mind as go-to places for moreish, indulgent – succulent – food.

As an example – watch the Man vs Food series. American food is one of the greatest food-types in the entire World, because of the way they treat moreish-ness and respect to slow-cooked meat and concoctions of the headiest herbs and spices (note that I am not American!).

Now, for some reason, even though there are plenty of good restaurants in Shanghai which are good at what they do, it seems impossible to find the same kind of knowledge, quality or dedication to producing one particular food-type that rises above mere food and becomes a real experience and sublime delight.

This is where a full slab of Chloe’s ribs comes in.

Now, the size of the ribs still cannot match those – for example – shown in Man vs Food, because we are not in a Western country that breeds pigs with these meaty ribs. Any pork ribs in even the best international supermarkets are still tiny things. And importing such meat wouldn’t be financially realistic (unless you, the customer, want to pay for it).

Nonetheless, Chloe’s ribs are moist, tender, flavourful ribs with a still-bitey, meaty chomp. That’s moreishness.

And, the place itself is very decent. Beers on tap, pizzas, burgers, soups, chips (fries) and wings that are all very well-priced, in a good environment in a good location (that has parking right outside).

You should visit as soon as you can!

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