Female Foreign: The annoying nosey friend

I’m sure you also have a couple of very close friends, a very close group, and then an extended group of friends. The extended group of friends could be 20 people. Or 30. Or more. Depending on where you choose to go each weekend. Or depending on the weather.


The point here is that socializing in Shanghai means you will inevitably get a bix mix of people all out at the same time. Of course you may usually spend time with your very close friends. But the inevitable part of the socializing is the mixing.


So, the result is that you will have a weekend brunch which includes people that you do not hate, but are not truly ‘friends’ with.


In that group, there will be a girl – always one, just one – who annoys people with her butting in, her nosiness, and general clamor for attention and to be ‘a part’ of things, which she is not.


This ‘friend’ will generally try to take away any mystery and fun out of a new relationship, with snarky little remarks such as “listen, um, I didn’t know if I should tell you this, but, um, I saw, you know, that guy you are with, I saw him yesterday afternoon, and he was having lunch with another girl”


While I control the obviously intense rage inside of me – a white-hot rage ignited by the fact that he ate food with a person who was not male – I just stare at her blankly.


Maybe I should have thanked her – I mean, better to find out about the bastard’s no good, cheating, philandering and general asshole lifestyle now, right? I mean how – how on Earth will I now be able to start a relationship with a man who will quite happily talk to other women?


Yep, because that’s us women, isn’t it? We are all – every single one – a games playing, melting, shrieking act of idiocy. I’m glad I have this ‘friend’ on my side – what if she hadn’t informed me?!




This one tiny comment of hers is, I’d say, roughly 5% of her weekly output. Asking ‘why isn’t he here?’ at every single night out (in which he may have different plans to me), saying that other people’s relationship is really good but mine ‘might need work’ … yes I do ignore her.


But that, ladies, is the social mix we have to deal with if we don’t want to be bitches. Meaning if we want to be normal people and not veto who also joins ‘the group’ or which group mixes with which when brunching, drinking, tripping and such. Anyone else have such a helpful and friendly gal pal ?


This is probably years old, but Google image search ‘annoying Facebook girl’ and you will find many funny pictures.


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