Bocca: The unpretentious Bund restaurant

Most places on the Bund are over-rated.

If you simply read the reviews of places like Mr. & Mrs. Bund, Jack London and such, then you will soon see that while the customers enjoy some of the experience (yet none of the arrogant service), no one really feels as though they get what they pay for.

If you know or research the prices of top Michelin star restaurants in other cities in the world (London, New York), you will see that the costs are approximately 50% or less of what the ‘same’ costs here – and these are top, renowned Chefs in London and New York.

Places in Shanghai may say that costs are higher because of imported ingredients – yet if you know any Chef in Shanghai, he will reveal to you that aside a few key elements, most of the produce is not imported.

In any case, if you go to any of these ‘top’ Bund restaurants, you will not meet anyone who simply raves about the quality of the food there.

Bocca is one place which has reasonable prices. It might not be called ‘cheap’ but you certainly feel as though it is good value.

But importantly, the service is excellent. The staff are normal and nice, as well as very professional.

It’s somewhere where you can feel ‘normal’ – that you are not there to pose or just for the location, but instead to enjoy great food from a real Chef. If you want to go to anywhere on the Bund, go here.


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Foreigner in Shanghai


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