Why did Lucozade not launch in China?

I’ve always wondered why there is no Lucozade in China. There is Gatorade, types of Japanese drinks; Pocari Sweat and Amino Supli, as well as the local sports drink MiZone.

Lucozade was set to be launched by GSK in 2009, according to The Guardian, The FT, and GSK.

They say at the end of the paragraph in the FT that the drink would have been changed a bit for a more “intense flavour”. I presume that this means they would have added 3 tablespoons of sugar to each bottle, which is the standard for drinks companies here (Coke, Sprite and Fanta being almost un-drinkably sweet here – unless you dilute the standard drink with water).

This is hardly a big mystery but nonetheless, as with many things, it doesn’t make much sense. Lucozade are now sponsoring the Formula 1 team McLaren, so are clearly in some process or other of trying to attract new customers. A billion people that adore sweet drinks and can be manipulated by advertising based on celebrity sports figures seems like an ideal market.




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