Delivery chocolate cake, Anheijiyuan

At around 150 RMB, this cake is not particularly cheap. Yet still, when compared to other options in the cit-ay, it’s not that bad. Moreover, the quality is here – and if they throw in a thin slab of intense and moreish chocolate truffle then it becomes an irresistable temptation.

Their website (for orders) is An Hei Ji Yuan, which is 暗黑纪元 in Chinese.

Great for a gift, special occasion or just with no reason aside indulgent tongue-hedonism, you won’t be disappointed.

The cake can serve 6 people, but it’s possibly best for four, or you will want more. Microwave a quarter piece for about 40 seconds.

Just ensure – please – that you have both (1) a tub of single cream, and (2) plenty of cold milk, to go with it.

Also, be a little bit Western with your plating machinations – serve it on a real bowl or plate – don’t assume that a cake has to be eaten off of the – eugh – paper plates that comes with it. People here can oft be seen eating cake off of paper plates. (sometimes with plastic forks)

I say enough! Cakes deserve crockery (and cutlery), and crockery you shall arrange.

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