Jing’an Sushi Delivery

For the tired and lazy expat, scouring Sherpa’s for inspiration is a regular occurence, at the times when one feels unable to choose ‘what to have for dinner tonight’. This conundrum comes from having too much choice. Allow me to wisely suggest sushi. Well-priced, reasonably healthy and a distinct choice, which will allow you to feel satisfied that you have made … a distinct choice, rather than fanny around, over-thinking what to eat for one meal.

Anyway – the two sushi choices in Jing’an are Dragon King Sushi (great name), or Sea Horse Sushi.

Both worth trying, the differences lie in two key areas: Dragon King (DRAGON! KING! SHAKABOOEY!)  sushi is saucier – not in a haughty or lascivious way, but in a literal, sauce-based way.

Dragon King Sushi, Shanghai

Here is the Dianping link for Dragon King Sushi Shanghai.

Sea Horse Sushi has less allegedly ‘interesting’ options, but you can tell that the quality of rice they use (and small touches like a hint of sushi-rice-vinegar) is better.

Sea Horse Sushi Shanghai

Here is the Dianping page for Sea Horse Sushi Shanghai.

Finally, here is a bit of humour to finish with.

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