Expat Freelancer: Crappy slogans

There are very many new projects in Shanghai, especially in the area of new buildings. When a company builds a new building, they think they must have a slogan. Actually, that’s not quite right. They yearn for a slogan, they dream about slogans, and when not dreaming of slogans, they lose sleep over slogan possibilities.

I can only assume that this is the case, because they feel the need – where there is none – to use crappy slogans that don’t really mean anything meaningful.

Take Sinan Mansions as an example. As below, they say “Embracing Heritage – Setting trends”. I can only imagine that when this was discussed, the person agreeing to use it was bent over, hurriedly fondling himself under the boardroom table. “Embracing Heritage! YES! That shows that we, you know,  are being really local and doing tradition and stuff. Setting trends! YES!!! That like means that we are really like fashionable, and you know, setting trends.”

“In it for the re-sale”

The sheer beauty of this dichotomy must really have got some champagne glasses clinking, as backs were slapped and there were high fives all-around, in honour of a really, really crappy slogan.

Another of my favourites is Wheelock Square. ANYTHING that says it is “re-defining” something must surely be taken seriously, no? I mean, it MUST be doing something out-of-this-world, a groin-grabbing game-changer of a thing that will get you phoning home right away. “Hey Mum?! Guess what!! Something is being RE-DEFINED!!!”

Wheelock Square are – get THIS – “re-defining prime” (as their website says). Yes!

“Truly international”. Rather than falsely international, one presumes.


All other things in the entire global world that were prime, are basically shit now. Now that “prime” has been “re-defined”, we can all sleep better at night, knowing we are in the safe hands of some serious boys who don’t take ‘no’, or ‘this slogan is crap’, for an answer.

So, why do I write about this anyway?

Well, in some of the different projects that I work on (‘projects’. Get me), some of them include using writing. Now, I have an entirely salacious control of the English language – but others do not. This is why they will, shamefully, resort to using “truly”, in everything they write (see Wheelock Square, above. Also see Expat Freelancer in the tag cloud to the right and see Peninsula use ‘truly’ twice on their homepage)

They also use ‘re-define’. Twice, in this case – twice. Three times including their ‘key’ slogan.

Do they honestly believe that any one person who has taken up space in their office building or mansion (depending on what you are trying to flog here) has done so because of a slogan?

Then why use it? Why? Why spend the time, effort and money in doing it? Because you think you should? Now that’s not re-defining anything, friends.

That’s not re-defining anything.


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