Don’t use internet chat rooms

As we already know, internet chat rooms (and online writing staff) are populated by mainly fat, ugly and smelly individuals who, rather than go somewhere nice and enjoy nice things with nice people, prefer to stay at home, stroking their genitalia and arguing with complete strangers in forums.

The arguments in such online forums are as ill-informed as someone who isn’t Chinese, but thinks that getting a tattoo of a Chinese character is a good idea. Yes, that ill-informed. Nevertheless, despite the knowledge that they have absolutely no idea or educated thought about the subject matter, both sides will be determined to prove the other fat, smelly stranger that they are right.

Forums discussing China are, of course, the worst of these. No matter the topic, there will be unreasonably and idiotic extremes, both of which are being championed by people who probably don’t wipe the milk off their chin when it dribbles down from their morning cereal bite.

Chinese people arguing on these forums will, of course, hate foreigners. Does this mean that such people love their own countrymen? Of course, no. They are the kind of people that hate anyone. They drive their car rudely and dangerously when on the road with their countrymen, they do nothing good for their country and they can easily conjure up hate towards anyone from outside their city. Or towards women. Or other people exactly like. So yes, anyone, pretty much.

The non-Chinese people arguing on the forums probably don’t even know why they are doing what they are doing. Having incredibly little knowledge of Chinese language, history or the wider community outside what they see on the few roads that they take to go to the same places again and again, this doesn’t stop them. Nothing stops them arguing an issue, though what they are doing is nothing fresh – they are, instead, repeating the same arguments that they have read elsewhere, and repeating them. Online. To strangers.

So if you have ever been involved in these types of online forums, you are urged to stop. Go to the mirror and look at yourself. Realise that you are completely wasting your time. The people that you are arguing with will never agree with you. The people on your side are fat and smelly. The only thing you are doing is allowing angry little people with bad breath the chance to vent their frustration and put jingoistic labels onto you, distracting them from the horror that is themselves.

If you want to do something good, then do some exercise. Meet some friends. Travel to somewhere else and experience something else for a change. Just leave both internet forums, and your genitalia, well alone. At least for today.


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