Shanghai Luxury Car Service

Looking for Western drivers with a Shanghai airport car service? We know all too well that arriving at an airport in Shanghai is not as user-friendly as in some countries. ...

Best Shanghai Copywriting

Call it marketing, content, copywriting, SEO, animation & graphics, filming & voice-over, awareness & karma – we provide a quality service of experience and expertise, at reasonable costs and at ...

Expectations and realities in China

I could easily — easily — have written “Expectations and realities in the Middle Kingdom”, but as I value my own integrity, I do not stoop to such ubiquitous foolishness. ...


Best VPN for China expats

Astrill has proven the best over the years. I have used Astrill ...
best shangai airport

Shanghai Airport Pick Up

When you arrive to Shanghai, it’s great to use an English-speaking Shanghai ...
Shanghai copywriter

Copywriting & web design

Creative Words and Magic provide a wide range of creative services in ...

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See The Real China! Natural Weekend Getaway

Dragon Valley in Zhejiang is a perfect place to escape the gritty city of Shanghai. Refill your breaths with fresh air. Play around in the little rivers. See nature and the wild. Hike, bike, relax and snooze. Open air BBQs and drinking. Family-friendly times, shuttle bus return from Shanghai, English-speaking guide and host. For all […]

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Luxury Car Service Shanghai

Our luxury car service in Shanghai is not only for airport collections – we also offer: day hire for any purpose around the city, such as business use, entertaining family, friends or loved o… Source: Luxury Car Service Shanghai

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Official Shanghai F1 Tickets: Best Seats / Best Views

The Chinese Grand Prix 2016 is coming on April the 17th, so get prepared by getting your tickets now. Read here about the best F1 seats for the best views at the Shanghai F1.  

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How to be an idiot PR in Shanghai

PR is a wide field or work. It’s not like IT, engineering, education, design, science, or a particular role which needs particular qualifications and experience. It’s less fixed and if done well, it can be more entrepreneurial. But sadly, it isn’t always done well. Here are a few basic tips. Maintain professionalism at all times […]

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How to find love in Shanghai

1. Get hooked up before party season starts Everyone has to have a party for the next four months. Early Christmas parties, pre-traveling Christmas house-parties, New Year’s bashes, Chinese New Year, and then, oh dear Lord, Valentine’s. It is undesirable to be the third wheel, the gooseberry, the ugly loner, at any of these events. […]

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How to Attract People at Parties in Shanghai

Don’t play it cool Making subtle eye-contact for three hours and then feeling sad when someone else starts talking to that person you like, doesn’t make sense. Start the conversation! “Hello” usually works just fine Don’t do the list “How long have you been in Shanghai?” “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” Booooring. […]

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How to WIN in your life in China

Some people do well here, some less well. How often do you see people arguing in WeChat groups, trying to be the ‘China expert’, trying to show off how ‘successfu;’ they are? Don’t be angry in your life. Take some steps to win in your own life. Careless talk costs lives A key part of […]

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How many WeChat mistakes have you noticed?

A WeChat photo might only tell 5% of the real story, but if you learn to look a little harder, you can see where the real fakes are, and the false reality is … All The Single Ladies Be single, be dating, be married, whatever. But probably don’t be single and keep telling everyone HOW […]

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10 Huge Awesome Epic Films Coming in 2016

There’s some top films coming next year – which one are you most looking forward to? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 5 February 2016 Genius title, fun concept: Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army […]

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Stand-out Memories of Shanghai: Inter-racial Horror

I’ve lived in Shanghai for a long time. It doesn’t matter exactly how long. But long. In that time, there have been some memories that stand out among the rest. Here’s one: Inter-racial Horror It was truly horrific in its social discomfort. I’d been in Shanghai for around a year. As with many of these […]

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